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Case Study 1: How automation helped generate top line sales


How a small company leveraged the power of automation to help generate their top line sales.

July 2021
BLV Solutions



BLV Solutions is a Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) process automation service provider founded by a group of expert RPA practitioners, based in Sydney, Australia. They offer affordable and end-to-end automation services for all-sized businesses, from initial process discovery, bot development, to ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of each bot.

Before starting BLV Solutions, the founders built up deep experience automation (‘bots’), primarily through delivering and maintaining hundreds of automations predominantly using Blue Prism and UiPath. The team understands that these bots fail when they're too costly or difficult to sustain - -which is why we offer our RaaS approach as an alternative for medium-sized companies who need help finding solutions with their problems! BLV Solutions’ RaaS approach is particularly helpful for medium sized companies who want to reap the benefit of automation without having to employ their own automation development and run teams.

the problem


One of BLV’s clients, a small merchandising company that produces custom branded merchandise for sporting and corporate events, was struggling with processing new orders. The client’s use of separate software to accept quotes and communicate with customers was time-intensive and manual. Time spent on admin was valuable time that staff could be using to close more sales.

The client had tried to solve this problem using an automation software (Zapier) branded for small business to DIY, but quickly realised it could only solve very simple issues. Solving anything more complex was beyond their team’s skills. The client’s options were to hire a developer just to assist with Zapier development or continue to lose sales due to slow response times – both expensive outcomes.

the solutions


In consultation with the client, BLV Solutions built a robot that runs every time a new order is confirmed by the client’s customer. The bot seamlessly processes the order and updates the deal status in CRM when the customer accepts the quote. It then creates a new project in the client’s ERP system and creates an order confirmation for the customer.

the results


The process automation removed 80% of time on the task, allowing the account managers to focus on closing more deals.

BLV’s bot has also improved the order accuracy. Before creating a new project, the bot performs a validation check. If it discovers missing information, the bot notifies the account manager to add the information.

The client’s CEO was impressed with this bot solution for several reasons. He now has confidence that all order data is complete and accurate. And now instead of spending their time on admin tasks, his account managers can focus on growing the business.
Without this automation, the client would have needed to hire two full-time workers to handle the administrative work. This first automation has opened his eyes to what automation can deliver and he’s already planning to invest in additional automations.

For him, it’s not a discussion of what can be automated, but how can BLV Solutions help me grow my business?

“Initially our client was looking at automation to free up time, but now has realized the possibilities of growing his business through automation! Our client could not submit quotes fast enough to the prospective customers and now he is looking at using automation combined with machine learning, to instantly respond to customers.” -- BLV Solutions

future automation opportunities


The client’s next challenge is their long tail of many one-time customer quotes, most of which are lost due to slow response time. BLV’s new automation, Lightning Quote, helps to capture more of these new customers by providing an instant quote, using machine learning to compare past orders and return an instant quote to the customer.

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